Ume Incense - Sustainable Palo Santo Sticks (MAGAP cert.)


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PALO SANTO STICKS Sacred Smoke ~ new Palo Santo supply certified by MAGAP and carefully sourced from Ecuador from strictly fallen branches. This variety truly smells divine, deep creamy notes fill the room - almost like sandalwood; although Bursae Graveolens (Palo Santo) is closely related to frankincense and myrrh embodying similar citrus notes 🌀 35g bundle of beautifully aromatic Palo Santo sticks
 🌀 Come in hemp pouch 🌀 Each stick roughly 10cm long
 🌀 Branded with UME flower of life logo SOURCING 🌀 Ethically sourced using only fallen branches that mature for 3-10 years 🌀 No trees are ever cut down in this process
 🌀 My source is deeply involved in the local harvesting