Our Story

We are a small local award winning business offering beautiful things for intentional ways of living. We are seeking to make a difference in our shared and diverse world by finding outstandingly beautiful pieces which are investments rather than just purchases.


We strongly believe in ethically sourced, sustainable, well made products whose beauty lies not only in the quality of their outward appearance, but where they come from and where they are going. We care about the whole journey of a ‘thing’ from seed to heirloom, and the lives and communities that are impacted along the way. 


For us that means hospitality, which is what makes our space, different from your usual shopping experience. You are welcome to grab a purchase, but this is more than a marketplace, it is a space where you can connect, share, and collaborate.  


With over 15 years experience in the hospitality and event industry we also host creative gatherings, wellbeing workshops in Norfolk and also offer an event planning service.  We care about you and your life and the ways in which we can work together to make something amazing!


Thank you so much for paying us a visit.  



Meet our founder 



The curator of Marshes & Flint is Didi, her unique and inspirational vision is what makes this such a special place. Born, raised, and educated in North Norfolk Didi brings a truly extraordinary skill set to the table. She has over a decade’s experience in the events industry, exceptional personal drive, a love for photography and a creative eye for detail.


Her kindness and authenticity are at the centre of everything she does, and she will support and inspire you to live out your dreams. For her the foundation of everything is family. Didi is about far more than styling your ideas to look good, she is committed to making a genuine difference in the belief that enhancing your wellbeing, and a life well lived will make a better world for all our children.


A message from Didi - What I love about Norfolk


My life has been shaped, surrounded and nurtured by the Norfolk landscape, its landmarks, seasons, smells and tastes. Two of Norfolk’s most familiar sights became the core inspiration for this business, its marshes, and its flintstone. Together they symbolize the cyclic rhythm and longevity of this very special place; the marshes shift and respond to the constant ebb and flow of tide, moon, and season, while flint carries an ancient strength and remains resilient to the passing of time. I firmly believe in drawing inspiration from everything around us and being able to teach our children the value of our relationship with nature and the impact we can have on it, and it on us. 


One of the key features of living harmoniously in our immediate environment for me is a slower pace of life, and spending as much time as possible outdoors, being in nature, allowing a pace which enables you to notice the miracle of a butterfly, the shimmering purple haze of an expanse of sea lavender in August, the salty taste of freshly foraged samphire or the squelch of mud between your toes. My favourite spot is the shingle bank at Cley, the timeworn and familiar joy of the light on the water, plunging in for a swim in all seasons, the wide expanse of the sky, especially at sunset; and the sight of my Granny, now long gone, wading fearlessly into the sea.  Memories layered up through countless hours, and the span of my life from earliest childhood.


I look forward to connecting with you,