Lou's Christmas Gift Guide

This time last year, living by the coast was still a dream that was almost tangible, but not quite. Like a lot of people, 2020 was our toughest year to date and so when Christmas came, as different as it was, it felt like a warm blanket wrapping itself around us and providing the comfort and warmth of familiarity.

This year, the dream is a reality and we are so excited to be invoking those old nostalgic memories and creating a nest of festivities for the children to enjoy at our new home here in Norfolk. We are hoping to open presents by the open fire, walk along the beach under blue skies and bobble hats and then enjoy dinner with all the trimmings surrounded by our family of friends. 
Just like Emily, I've also chosen some of my favourite products for our friends, family, and of course, the children...

Gifts for grownups:
- Hand painted candles by Brew. I adore their vintage vibe and who doesn't love a candle hey?

- Mama leggings by Sleepy Doe - Sumptuously soft and super stylish. Perfect for those days hunkered down by the fire.

- Press Pause Roll on Therapist by Ede. I love their products and this makes a great gift for anyone who like me, needs to learn to relax and hit the pause button once in a while! On that note, the Rosie Sugden Cashmere eye mask is on my personal list... I hope my husband is reading this! ;)

Gifts for family:
- Liewood Cookie Cutters. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without baking and these cutters are perfect for little helpers who want to get involved.

- Be Brave print by Letterbox Lane. Who doesn't need a little daily affirmation in this day and age?

- Lola Noble Nature art box. These arrived in store this autumn and they are amazing. They include everything a budding artist needs to get those creative juices flowing.

Gifts for kids:
- Dozy Dinkums. One of my favourite things to arrive in 2021 and I've had my eye on one for my daughter and my niece since they first arrived. I'm so excited to see what they think of them! 

- I always think that books are a lovely gift to receive because they really tend to stand the test of time. I am smitten with the History of Fairies book that we've had in store this autumn. It reminds me of being little because I was always  trying to sneak a peek at fairies at the bottom of the garden.

- And finally, Maileg Mice... I just can't get enough of these miniature mice and their matchbox crash pads. Far too cute!