A Love of Colour with 91 Magazine

A Love of Colour with 91 Magazine

I managed to grab a few minutes to myself this week and snuggled up with a coffee and started the new issue of 91 Magazine which is now out.

91 Magazine was launched in 2011 by founding editor and publisher Caroline Rowland. The idea came about when Caroline felt that none of the mainstream interior magazines were capturing her interest any more, and she longed for a magazine that covered all aspects of creative living.

The magazine itself focuses on creative interiors – homes, shops, cafes, studios (all my favourite things) – spaces created by people thriving in small business and the creative industries. Aspirational yet attainable. Super stylish yet affordable. They champion independent makers, designers and brands and delve into their worlds and environments for interior and style inspiration plus insight into their lives of creativity. What's not to love!!! 

In Volume 9 they are celebrating their love of colour! Whether it is bold and bright or soft and subtle, colour plays a big part in our home interiors and our lives. Colour can interpret our personalities, likes and dislikes, as well as influencing our mood and well-being. Colour is certainly something I want to use more of around my home.  

They visit homes which use colour in a variety of ways, plus shops and cafes who have introduced colour through products, styling and food.

They share colour-inspired shopping tips, our columnist talks finding your own version of colour and they share some vibrant recipes which bring more than just colour to your diet!

If you would like to grab a copy too, we have some copies available here to buy


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